Welcome to Madolex Group

Complementary holding with three brands

Our mission

"With our expertise and passion for technology, we work every day to strengthening the competitive position of the manufacturing industry, and we contribute to the employment and prosperity within our region."

Our brands


There is a lot of hidden, additional production capacity within production companies. By making this potential visible and deploying it, through our integrated software and consultancy approach, Act-in's customer achieves a very significant improvement in their profits.


Quality is very important to us. That is why we also call ourselves the filling specialist. Bates handles the requests itself, develops the concepts, and does the engineering of the filling machines. We assemble everything in-house, the complete delivery to the customer and the service on site. 


Total maintenance, technical turnkey projects, machine modification and various specializations within one company. A unique multidisciplinary combination that makes Madolex the technical service provider for your machinery, both mechanical and electrical.